Top Ten Gods and Goddesses
1st. Shango
2nd. Bumba
3rd. Yemaya
4th. Elegua
5th. Abassi
6th. Obatala
7th. Orishas
8th. Eshu
9th. Olourun
10th. Anansi

1. Shango= God of thunder, Drums ans Dance, having been elevated from being a famous warrior and the fourth King of Yoruba.
external image moz-screenshot.jpg2. Bumba= From the bushongo in the congo comes Bumba, The african creator god of Vomit.

3. YEMAYA: One of the ORISHAS, she is the Mother of Waters and CHildbirth, and has stylish color preferences of blue and crystal.
external image bd3978b5-c22b-48e2-ad00-ae1a11245186

4. ELEGUA: Trckster God of crossroads, beginnings and opportunity.
external image oya2.jpg

5. ABASSI: Nigerian creator god and lord of the sky.
external image abbasi1000.jpg

6. OBATALA: One of the ORISHAS, he's a creator god who didnt get a chance to create.

external image obatala.jpg

7. ORISHAS: Guardian spirits under the collective patronage of top god OLORUN.

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8. ESHU: Very popular trickster god. Particularly keen on opportunity, communication and instant messaging.

Picture of ESHU
Picture of ESHU

9. OLORUN: Top sky king of Yoruba mythology in nigeria. He's god of peace, justice and the yoruba way.


10. ANANSI: The spider trickster god.

Picture of ANANSI
Picture of ANANSI