Ra- was the sun god. He was the most important god of the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians also believed that he traveled through the underworld at night. In the underworld, Ra appears as a man with the head of a Ram.
Sexhmet- was the goddess of war.
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Seshat- was the goddess of writing and measurement
Seth was the god of chaos. Seth represented everything that threatened harmony in Egypt. He was the brother of Osiris and Isis as well as the brother/husband of nephys. He murdered his brother Osiris, and then battled with his nephew Horus to be the ruler of the living.
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Shu- she was the god of the air. Shu held up the figure of nuts so that the earth and the sky were separated.
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Sobek was a Nile god. Sobek was connected with the Nile and protected the king. Live crocodiles were kept in pools at temples built to honor Sobek.
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Tawaret- was a goddess who protected woman during pregnancy and childbirth. Many of the gods and goddesses in ancient Egypt had temples built to honor the other gods and goddesses. For example; Tawaret and Bes were worshipped by people in their own homes.

Refnut- was the goddess of moisture. She was the wife of Shu and the mother of Nut (the sky) and Geb (the earth)
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Thoth- was the god of writing and knowledge. The ancient Egyptians believed that Thoth gave them the gift of hieroglyphic writing. Thoth was also connected with the moon.
Dess, however she sometimes appeared with the heated of a lioness to protect the king in battle.
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