Celtic Mythology is the mythology of Celtic polytheism or the religion of the Iron age Celts. In the 4th century BCE Celtic influence and territories were spread across the length of Europe. Celtic mythology consist of three groups:
1. The Goldelic which contains the Ireland and the western highlands of Scottland. "In language, race, and tradition these form a homogenous block;"
2. The Insular Brythonic, includes Wales and Cornwall. Same History
3. The Continental Brythonic, racially akin to Welsh and Cornish; have had a very different history and enjoy a distinct culture

Celtic Stories- King Arthur

Arthur was the son of King Uther of Britain. Stories say that Arthur was either brought up by Ector or Merlin not by his parents. After Uther died died there was many confrontations on who would become king of Britain, so they came up with a task whoever could pull a sword from a stone whoever did this would become king. Arthur and his foster brother had went to a tournament but his brother forgot his sword, so Arthur seeked out a replacement. Arthur easily pulled the sword from the stone, many people refused to be ruled by someone so young, so they started a rebellion. Merlin took Arthur to see the lady of the Lake, and she gave him the magical sword Excalibur. Arthur returned to his kindom yo defend his place as king, and after the battle the people finally gave in and accepted Arthur as King.

Lebor Gabála Érenn-
Lebor Gabála Érenn is a book based on the Taking of Ireland. It contains collections of poems and prose narratives of mythical origins. It created during the 11th Century by an uknown scholar who included the history of Irish race and folk tales of Ireland.