Centeotl, the god of maize and son of Toci, is usually depicted being yellow skinned with a single black line passing down his eyebrow, through the cheek, and finishing on the jaw line. His headdress appears to consist of maize. He is portrayed as a young man, an unique trait in Aztec Culture.

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Centeotl, the god of corn.


Centeotl as the god of maize played an incredibly important role in Aztec society. The Aztec main staple food was maize so the god of maize was considered especially important, and played a key role in their society. It’s another key issue to address that his mother, Toci ( Our Grandmother), is the mother goddess. So her son is the key component of life, maize, from the original life.
Centeotl is also connected to the goddess Xilonen, and some believe them to be one in the same. They are both deities of maize, Xilonen (Unripe Maize) and Centeotl (Maize) and thus play some of the most important roles in Aztec Society.

Worship of Centeotl is interconnected with the goddess Xilonen as they both represent aspects of maize. The celebration starts early in the year with the planting of maize seeds. There would be ritual dance to honor and thank Centeotl for the maize, which would increase in frequency and intensity as the season progressed. And unlike other festivals in Aztec culture this one was relatively mild and quite pleasant. One particular custom involved young women dancing bare-breasted in the field to thank Centeotl. Afterwards they would pick five ears of corn to save, usually outside a house, till the harvest which represented the resting of the maize spirits till next year.

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