Chinese Gods and Goddesses
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he 4 dragon kings named Ao Ch'in, Ao Kuang, Ao Jun and Ao Shun. Each was responsible for a part of Earth and an area of sea. During droughts, teh dragon kings were worshipped with noisy parades of music an d dance which followed a cl oth effigy of a dragon. Every stream and river had its own Ao.*


She is the goddesses of the moon and she is the wife of I.

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He is the god of ditches and walls. It is said that every city has a Ch'eng- Huang. He rules over protection and fairness.

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She is the goddesses of weaving, spinning and clouds. she rules over rain.

Guardian god he stands for protection and privacy.
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She is the goddess of sexual happiness and the bedroom.
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God of fire he rules over justice, revenge, and death.*

Description: God who chases away evil spirits and shape-shifter who had up to 72 different bodily forms. Widely worshiped.Rules Over: Protection from evil.*external image 59-I.gif
She is the goddess of the wind,ruler of storms.

He is the god of happiness and he is the ruler of love success and destiny.
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Female deity Earth. The Emperor offered sacrifices to her on a square marble altar in the Forbidden City each summer solstice.*

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