Chinese Mythology Love Stories

"Old Farmer and a Dragon"

Ma strolled a 60 year old farmer walked by a field, when suddenly the skys turned gray and a crow scratched his back. Thinking he was in harms way he crawled to the ground and sat still. These events where happening from a dragon coming down from the sky. Ma, laying still, while the dragon flew down and bite his head. After the dragon bit him it went to the sky and made a thundering noise. The dragon flew away and left ma there with his stinking liquid on his body. Ma decided to not tell his family what happened, until one day he was hurt so bad that he felt he needed a cure. The cure became revealed. Most of the stories in Chinese mythology consists of sexual relations with young men or boys, but the dragon is a symbol for a rainbow and he desires old men.

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"The Farmer and the Pig'

There was a farmer in Yangtze River region who had a gay relatinoship with a pig. The farmer sold the pig to a butcher and it got slaughtered. After being slaughtered his soul was not at rest. The pig complained about the farmer to the Emperor of The Nether World. The pig complained, "I shouldn't be complaining about being butchered since that was destined for me, but since my farmer had affection with me he shouldn't have sold me to a butcher." The Emperor decided the pig could get revenge. While the farmer was sleeping the pig bit him on his butt. The Farmer awoke feeling an itch that he needed tog et sodomized. He couldn't find anyone to do it for him so he used bamboo stakes. One day the farmer got drunk and his butt began to itch. He went into the butcher shop and scratched his but with a knife. He punctured himself and couldn't stop bleeding so he died. This story illustrates the principle of Buddhist Karmic retribution abotu sexual intercourse between human and animals.

Cartoon Farmer Holding a Pig - Royalty Free Clipart Picture
Cartoon Farmer Holding a Pig - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

Chinese Mythology is mainly about homosexuality. This is influenced by religous belief. Homosexuality in chinese mythology may involve explicit content. Sexual activity in chinese myth are described as methaphorically, in military terms.

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"Fox Fairy and a Scholar" side not: copied directly of text
Another story is called the "Fox Fairy and a Scholar." In this story an old scholar, with no attraction toward women, lives alone in a big house. One night, a man dressed in black enters the house and asks the scholar for sex.
The man dressed in black is actually the scholar's "husband" and the scholar was his "wife" in their lives before reincarnation. Then they loved each other and vowed to keep their intimate relationship in their future lives. But when they made the vow, it was during a war, and the beautiful wife was captured by rebels. At last, she committed suicide to escape rape. The husband, however, followed the rebels and became one of them, and later was also killed during the war.
Because of the chastity of the wife, who was willing even to kill herself to preserve it, she was permitted by the Emperor of the Nether World to reincarnate as a man. But the husband, who followed the rebels and showed no loyalty to the king, was forced to reincarnate as a fox.
Still, the fox wanted to maintain his relationship with his (dead) wife for one more year. So he practiced alchemy and became a man, which enabled him to search for his wife in the earthly world. After listening to the man dressed in black (actually a fox), the old scholar faintly remembered his past life. But the scholar wondered if they could maintain any sexual relationship now, since both are now males.
The fox then smiled and replied : "It should not be any problem, so long as we love each other; it does not matter if it is between males, or between male and female, we still could love each other."
So the old scholar agreed. He unfastened his clothing and shared intimate moments with the man-fox . The fox then came once every two days for some time. One night, however, the fox told the scholar: "This is our last night together. Tomorrow you can check our loving relationship on one of the pillars of the house." The next morning, the scholar woke up and checked out the pillars: there was a pillar with 365 denture marks! The fox had succeeded in maintaining his relationship with his former wife, now a man, for an additional year.
In this story the philosophy is clear. Love is love; it does not matter whether it is between two men or between a man and a women. This idea actually anticipates the approach of gay liberation.