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Mythology is a body of myths that belong to a certaing group of people or religion. In order to score an excellent score for the introduction, the topic should be introduced and give knowledge of what your reader will learn. Your wiki page should be educational and inspirational to your readers. Each group will choose a certain mythology such as Egyptian, Native American, African, Greek, Babylonian, Chinese, Celtic, and sum it up so the reader can walk away knowledegable of that mythology. Your wiki should exp-lain the fundamental backgrounds of religions, governments, cultures, wars, and heroes. It would be to your advantage to follow the rubic that is provided below. Lavon and Alexis will be going through and editing and giving feedback on your wiki pages, so you can ask them for help as well as Mrs. Murphy. Let's educate someone on another's mythology!


Criterion A: Finding and Understanding (Research)

Level 1: The work does not meet the standards described in level 2. (0-5)

Level 2: Some information has been accessed and is shown in a list of resources taht may or may not be cited correctly. (6-10)

Level 3: A variety of information from a minimum of four (4) appropiate sources has been accessed and organized. There is a list of resources used that is mostly cited correctly, some of which are referred to on the wiki page. (11-20)

Level 4: A variety of information from a minimum of five (5) appropriate sources has been accessed and relevant material has been carefully. There is a list of correctly cited resources all or most of which are referred to on the wiki page (20-25)

/25 subtotal

Criterion B: Analyzing and Evaulating (Content)

Language Used- The language used communicates clearly and precisely. Terminology is used accurately, with skill and understanding, and use of non-explained jargon is avoided. (5pts)

Introduction- The topic is introduced and the context of the project is clearly described. (5pts)

Text Links to Other Websites-
A minimum of three (3) text links (not only URL, but active links based on regular text within wiki page content) are used to three other appropiate and reliable websites/web pages that relate to enhance the wiki
page content, Links are referenced and explained. (6pts)
Course Literature- Course literature relevant to the chosen topic has been listed, quoted, discussed, and analyzed. (20pts)

Impact of Story- The impact of the story/stories/literature used is discussed. (15pts)

Colloborations and Cross Referencing- Wiki page contains a minimum of two links to other pages in the wiki that relate to enhance the wiki page content. The relevance of those other pages is discussed. (4pts)

/55 subtotal

Criterion C: Communicating and Using Wiki Tools (Oragnization and Presentation)
Level 1: The work does not meet the standard described in level 2, is extremely limited, and does not fulfill the requirements of the assignment. (0-5)

Level 2: The information on the wiki page is poorly organized and has limited visual appeal. Graphics are sometimes relevant to the topic. There is a limited use of wiki tools, hyperlinks, and other hypermedia. The presentation of information is not always balanced and may show some bias and insensitivty in the use of images and icons. (6-10)

Level 3: The information on the wiki page is organized so that it is relatively easy to understand and has some visual appeal. Graphics are generally relevant to the topic and support the written text. Wiki tools, hypelinks, and hypermedia are used effectively. The presentation of information is mostly objective and free of bias, and some sensitivity has been shown in the use of image and icons. (11-15)

Level 4: The information on the wiki page is effectively organized so that it is easily understood and is visually appealing. Graphics are relevant, captioned/explained, and support the wriiten text. A range of wiki tools are used effectively. Hyperlinks and oher hypermedia aid understanding and add interest to the topic. The presentattion of information is objective, balanced, and free of bias. Images and icons are used sensitively. (16-20)

/20 subtotal